Zahra Mohamed Abdi

Associate Dean of Nursing Center, Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City, UAE.

Zahra Mohamed A Mohamed is a seasoned leader in nursing education with over 16 years of experience. As a Manager of Nursing Education, she directed a team of 25 educators for a 400+ bed hospital, achieving notable successes in onboarding, competency development, and professional growth. Under her guidance, the education team secured a 2nd place SEHA IHSAN award for Excellence in 2019. As an Associate Dean, Zahra spearheaded strategic planning, resulting in a 25% increase in program diversity, incorporation of Simulation based education, and fruitful collaborations with national and international educational and healthcare institutions. In her role as Nurse Fellowship Program Director, she achieved an impressive 94% retention rate for new nurses through targeted mentorship and clinical oversight. Zahra's data-driven approach enhanced educational program effectiveness, ensuring alignment with international accrediting bodies such as ANCC and national regulatory bodies like DOH. Her pursuit of a PHD in Education places her at the forefront of innovative learning methodologies.