The registration desk will be open by 8.00 AM on January  09, 2024 & January  10, 2024

All participants are required to report your attendance at the registration desk at the conference hall

All the participants will receive your conference kit, name tags & lunch vouchers at the registration desk upon your attendance

All your queries can be addressed to the onsite event-coordinator at the registration desk

Speaker Guidelines

Speakers/abstract presenters are advised to report your attendance at the registration desk

The conference room is set up with a laptop, desktop microphone, cordless microphone, digital projector, screen, and sound system. Any use of personal laptop is restricted due to security reasons

Speakers/abstract presenters are required to share your short biography (minimum 100 words) to the Conference Manager prior to the start day, and this will be used as your introduction by the session facilitator during the session

Each speakers/abstract presenters will be granted 20-25 minutes for the presentations including Q&A session and advised to constraint the presentation on time

Speakers/abstract presenters are advised to send your presentation to the Conference Manager and carry a copy in the flash drive to the venue

Speakers/abstract presenters should ensure that their presentations are compatible with Apple/MAC and Windows operating systems

The conference will be in English Language

Poster Guidelines

Poster presenters are advised to prepare your printed posters in advance and carry them to the conference venue as the on-site printing is not supported

All posters will be assigned with a poster number in the final scientific program. Presenters are advised to hang & display your posters at the assigned poster boards in the conference hall 

All poster display boards will be 3ft high & 3ft wide (36” x 36”) in size

Presenters are required to be accessible at their posters for the entire poster session to give information to curious onlookers

Towards the end of poster session, a well described poster will be selected to be announced as the “Best Poster” by the session facilitators

All posters can be dismantled towards the end of poster session 

E-POSTER Guidelines

Poster size and orientation

All e-posters must be created such that all information—including text, data, images, and figures—appear inside a single window or slide. Posters must be set up in portrait orientation

Poster should only be written in English

The poster’s E-title should be brief and correspond to the submitted abstract

The first author’s color passport-style photograph should be put in the upper right-hand corner of the poster, with the emblem of the linked school or institution being placed in the top left-hand corner

The poster should be prepared in a clear typeface that can be seen well from 1.5 meters away. Bold text should be used for both the title and the subheadings. Since it would be more difficult to read from a distance, italics should be avoided

Please use precaution when choosing colors for the presentation; stick to no more than two or three colors as this is a professional scientific poster presentation. To make reading your text simpler, choose backdrop colors that contrast nicely with the font. A background that is bright, dark, or has a lot of texture should be avoided since it can distract readers

Make sure that any images or graphics used in the poster are large enough to be seen clearly and have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. The number of images should be limited to only those that are required and appropriate for the poster (preferably no more than 4-6 photos). Kindly avoid sending any images that aren’t related to the content, such as cartoon characters or other images. For the purpose of case report presentation, all extra-oral, intra-oral, and pre- and post-treatment images must be of standard quality. The radiograph view must be clear and distortion-free

The font used should be a size that is easy to read, and graphs and tables should be planned and designed

All e-posters will be accepted in PDF format only

The e-poster submission must be received no later than 15 days prior to the conference


This conference is CME-accredited

All participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance that has been signed by the members of the organizing committee. Name and affiliation will be put on certificates in accordance with our records; if you have any requests or revisions about the certification, please get in touch with us at least one month before the conference

All participants are advised to be present until the session is through, since the certificates will be given out towards the end of the sessions

E-certificate will be sent through email in 5-7 working days after the completion of the conference

Co-authors not attending the conference will not receive any certifications