Premilla Keerthy

Senior Charge Nurse, Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City, United Arab Emirates.

Premilla Keerthy embarked on her remarkable healthcare journey in the year 2000 when she joined Tawam hospital in Al Ain as a dedicated surgical nurse. Her early years were marked by a commitment to patient care and a pursuit of excellence in the field of nursing. In 2011, recognizing her exceptional skills and passion for promoting health and safety in the workplace, Premilla transitioned to the Occupational Health Clinic. This move marked a significant turning point in her career as she took on a new role focused on ensuring the well-being of her colleagues. She successfully completed The Abu Dhabi Occupational Health & Safety Practitioners Course in 2013 and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Service Management and Health Science Education from the University of South Africa. Currently serving as a senior charge nurse in Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City, Premilla has continued to demonstrate leadership and dedication to her profession. Her journey is not just defined by her roles but by her continuous pursuit of knowledge. This year she achieved a significant milestone by completing her Master of Arts in nursing science, a testament to her commitment to advancing her skills and knowledge in the field. One of Premilla’s notable contributions is her active involvement in the Occupational Health Taskforce within SEHA. As a member of this taskforce, she plays a pivotal role in shaping policies and practices that prioritize the health and safety of healthcare workers. Passionate about addressing the well-being of her colleagues, Premilla has taken the lead in a study aimed at developing a second victim program in Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City. Recognizing the emotional toll that adverse events can have on healthcare workers, her initiative seeks to create a supportive framework for those affected, further underlining her commitment to holistic healthcare. Premilla Keerthy’s journey is a story of continuous growth, dedication to patient care and a passion for improving the well-being of healthcare workers. Her leadership coupled with her academic achievements, positions her a role model within the healthcare community, inspiring others to follow her example.